Call for Abstracts

Networks in Cognitive Science is a full day Satellite conference at NetSci 2018 with a common theme around how networks science can be used to study cognition, with a focus on mental representation. In this satellite, we aim to bring together a broad group of researchers who are motivated by understanding the workings of the human mind and apply tools of network science as a means to explore the mind at different levels of analysis.

In recent years, the network science approach has been instrumental to investigate a wide range of mental phenomena including the acquisition and representation of semantic and phonological knowledge, the role of social interaction in propagating information and high level cognition such as creativity. These investigations cover both the structure (e.g., semantic memory structure) and processes (covering memory search processes, language development and cultural evolution) operating over these cognitive systems. We invite abstracts of new and/or recently published work on the above and other related topics for contributed talks to take place at the satellite.

There is no word limit on abstracts but please limit their length to one page, including title and list of authors with their affiliations. All abstracts will be considered for contributed and lightning talks (please indicate if you have a preference).

The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to 20th April 2018, and acceptance notifications will be sent as soon as possible.

Note that all Satellite participants are required to register their attendance on the NetSci website. Early registration ends 10th April 2018 and the last day to register is 28th May 2018. Note that on-site registration is not possible.

Please send your abstract to the following address: